During the Documentation Phase, Chase Collaborative will complete construction drawings and Furniture, Finish & Accessory specifications as required for the needs of the job.  All construction documents provided will be coordinated with documents provided by all design team members.  All drawings will be suitable for bidding and construction.  All FF&A specifications will be suitable for biddding and purchasing and meet or exceed brand standards.

Drawings provided during the Design Develpment Phase will be finalized and completed with final light and finish schedules a complete set of interior elevations and construction details required for implementation.  

Furnishing specifications will be provided in binders with all information necessary for the Purchasing Agent to procure the products.  Each book will contain physical samples of all specified fabrics, carpets and wall coverings as well as, photographs or drawings of all furnishings and lighting.  Specifications will be provided with pricing and designer discounts applied.  If requested, a Contractor finish binder providing physical samples of all finishes the Contractor is responsible for installing will be provided.  Consultation with an Art Consultant to develop art selection, framing and specifications for all areas will be completed in this phase.